Guangzhou JunXin Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd

Our company is located in the Guangzhou which is very near Pazhou International Exhibition Center, we professional solutions to the vacuum material handling of various projects, we have a creative young team and more than 90% are young people, we have long experience in the handling of vacuum materials, independent research and development of new areas of vacuum material handling to give the robot life.

Hot Products

    • Steel Pipe Frams

      Steel Pipe Frams

      Using a wide variety of parts for assembly, it is easy to create a jig plate that conforms to the shape of the workpiece,Use SUS stainless steel pipe (8, 12, 20)

    • Thin Non-standard Vacuum Foam Gripper

      Thin Non-standard Vacuum Foam Gripper

      Seals can be replaced quickly, quickly and easily, at a low cost Uses 304 stainless steel (imported from Japan) and strictly checks the technology with low manganese content to ensures your confidence in using Built-in vacuum flow control device to automatic adjustment of vacuum flow Automatic...