Advantages of nano suction devices

- Jul 27, 2019-

The special porous nano-materials have a pore size of 2~3 microns, are not easy to block the vacuum force, and are partially adsorbed. They can also be used as air-floating platforms, and widely used in semiconductors, panels, laser processes and non-contact linear slides. The porous vacuum chuck is sealed air to maintain transmission, and the device application is limited to flat. The user is usually the machine operator. In the field of metalworking, this is a safe and reliable transfer of workpieces.

       At the same time, it is called nano-microporous vacuum chuck, which means that after a special nano-powder manufacturing process, a uniform solid sphere is produced. Through high-temperature sintering, a large number of interconnected materials are generated inside the material, and with special structure, it has high temperature resistance. It is resistant to abrasion, chemical corrosion, high mechanical strength, easy to regenerate and excellent thermal shock resistance. It can be used in high temperature filter materials, catalyst carriers, porous electrodes of fuel cells, sensitive components, separation membranes, bioceramics, etc. Chemical, environmental, energy, electronics, biochemistry and other fields show unique application advantages.

      The vacuum adsorption disk is characterized by high porosity, high strength, high flatness, and strong adsorption capacity, and is widely used in semiconductor, magnetic materials, and electronics industries. Main features: good flatness, parallelism, uniform structure, high strength, good permeability, uniform adsorption, easy to trim

Vacuum chucks require high porosity, ultra-fine pore size applications, nano vacuum chucks, and pore sizes ranging from 30 microns to 60 microns. There are many kinds of microporous structures, which are assembled from a myriad of different specifications of aluminum silicate ceramic particles. When assembled, they form a free gap of several tens of microns to 0.1 micron, which is mixed with high temperature (1500 ° C). The dissolution bond is sintered to obtain a microporous ceramic having high strength, large voids, corrosion resistance, and high temperature resistance. The microporous material processed by special process adopts uniform and uniform particles. The processed plate has uniform pore size distribution, and the polished surface is smooth and flat. It can replace imported materials and is used for adsorption in various semiconductor wafer production processes. The special tools carried are used in thinning, dicing, cleaning, handling and other processes, and are widely used in vacuum suction cup equipment in semiconductor, printing, electronic ceramics and other industries.