Advantages of PK suction cups

- Jul 24, 2019-

Currently, the suction cup of nitrile-based rubber is widely used in the market, but in a high-temperature, corrosive environment, aging occurs over time, and the surface of the substrate or glass may be difficult to wipe.

As a high-performance material with high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, PEEK has excellent properties such as anti-aging, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. The vacuum chuck processed with PEEK has:

No trace, no traces on the surface of the adsorbent due to aging or corrosion;

Wear-resistant, excellent service life;

However, when the PEEK suction cup is used, it is necessary to recalculate the adsorption force, and the sealing surface needs to be protected. The PEEK material is hard and does not exhibit deformation deformation like rubber, and can only be achieved by the flatness of the processing surface.

The main advantages of PEEK are:

1, long-term use temperature is high, up to 250 ° C

2, good corrosion resistance, can withstand most of the corrosive solvents or organic solvents

3, good creep resistance, long service life

At the time, due to the price and cost of PEEK, we did not recommend replacing PEEK in all sealing occasions. In addition to the specific high requirements, we still use the existing engineering plastics that can be satisfied.