Analysis of working process of vacuum generator and vacuum chuck

- Jul 26, 2019-

In order to adapt to various work requirements, the vacuum, the amount of exhaust gas, and the flow rate of compressed air of our vacuum generator are different by changing the size, shape and combination of the nozzle and the expansion tube. On the body, the control system, the dustproof system, the muffler system, such as solenoid valve, vacuum switch, filter, silencer, etc., will make the performance more perfect.


Vacuum generators are widely used in electronics, steel, chemical, construction, food and other industries. They mainly play the following roles in automatic machinery:

Vacuum suction handling. The vacuum generator is combined with the vacuum chuck, and the generated vacuum is used to adsorb the workpiece to send the workpiece to the desired station.

Vacuum suction fixed. A thin workpiece that is elastically deformed is fixed by vacuum suction, and grinding is performed.

The sorption process for the two uses is shown in Figure 4. In the figure, t1 is the vacuum generation time; t2 is the workpiece suction time; t3 is the transportation time; t4 is the vacuum destruction time; ts is the transportation cycle. Firstly, the vacuum chuck mounted on the automatic machine contacts the workpiece to form a closed space, and then the vacuum generator starts to work, and the flow of compressed air begins to rise sharply; at the same time, the air in the closed chamber is rapidly discharged, and the amount of air is reduced as the air volume in the closed chamber is reduced. Rapid decline; the vacuum in the closed cavity is quickly increased, after a certain degree of vacuum, the automatic mechanical movement, driving the vacuum chuck and the workpiece to the required station.

At the end of the transportation, in order to get the workpiece out of the suction cup as soon as possible, the method of blowing compressed air into the vacuum suction cup is adopted to achieve the purpose of rapidly breaking the vacuum. The vacuum generator consumes a certain amount of compressed air during the sorption transport from vacuum generation to vacuum destruction. For fully automatic continuous operation, compressed air consumption is large. This article is a shallow discussion and discussion from the perspective of energy-saving use of vacuum generators, to explore how to find the best energy-saving use program under certain conditions.