ATM/ATX series vacuum suction system handling cartons

- May 08, 2018-

In the process of stacking and transporting cartons in the factory, the quality of cartons is uneven due to various sizes of cartons. Dafeng provides a professional vacuum suction tool for transporting cartons. by providing a plurality of organ - shaped suction cups and check valves, cartons of various sizes can be flexibly transported, which well solves the stacking problem of cartons in the factory. This product has the following advantages:
1, customization, can provide size, vacuum source and other products customization according to     customer carton requirements
2, safety, each sucker is equipped with check valves, if there is no suction sucker can be closed   automatically because of the change of carton size.
3. cartons with serious deformation can also be sucked stably. through the allocation of organ

suction cups, problems such as carton deformation can be solved well.