Bellows suction cups are suitable for picking and handling plastic packaging and small bags containing liquids, solids or powders, even with only a small amount of filler

- Jun 30, 2019-



Round 4.5 fold corrugated suction cup, SPB4 is suitable for carrying pillow bag packaging, such as candy bars, or cereal bars, and medium to high filling (>80%) bags.


Thin, large taper, suction cup sealing lip with splitter blades

Extremely soft and flexible sealing lip

Body and corrugated reinforcement design

Large size path increases vacuum flow

Made of FDA-compliant silicone rubber with suction cup retaining washers


Excellent sealing on flexible workpieces such as bags

The effect of sucking the bag is excellent, even with large wrinkles, low fill rates or swivel motion.

Even in high-speed conditions, it can be reliably sucked and is extremely stable, without any shaking of the workpiece.

Suitable for use with vacuum pumps, vacuum blowers and multi-stage vacuum generators

Direct contact with food for the food industry

Suction cup fixing gasket; even soft plastic film (LDPE) will not be sucked into the suction cup

Reliably absorb ultra-thin PE and PP films with thickness as thin as 30μm



Connector - suction cup connector has a large nominal flow rate and is available in a variety of threads

Filter (pore size: 100μm) - protection vacuum system

4.5 fold reinforced suction cup corrugation - large stroke when sucking workpiece, good buffering effect; strong stability of suction cup body under horizontal high speed

Extremely soft and flexible sealing lip - even if it absorbs large pleated bag packaging, the sealing performance is still excellent

Blood-sucking fixed gasket - stable bag when sucking; prevent thin plastic film from being inhaled

Technicial Paremeters:


Structure Paremeters:


The SPI at the bottom of the suction cup folds effectively prevents deformation of the film workpiece

SPB4 Structure Paremeters: