Can a vacuum pump be replaced with a vacuum generator?

- Aug 09, 2019-

The principle of vacuum generation by a vacuum generator is different from that of a conventional vacuum pump. It allows compressed air to form a high-speed airflow in the pump body. It is known that the higher the gas flow rate, the lower the local gas pressure (from the Bernoulli equation), and therefore the stronger the pumping capacity. The vacuum generator is made using this principle. Because of this, in the case of the same vacuum pumping capacity, the vacuum generator is small in size, basically maintenance-free, and truly oil-free, is a vacuum pump that is both reliable and efficient. The vacuum generator is divided into a single-stage vacuum generator and a multi-stage vacuum generator. Under the condition of consuming the same compressed air, the vacuum pumping capacity of the multi-stage vacuum generator under standard atmosphere is generally several times that of the single-stage vacuum generator. Therefore, the multi-stage vacuum generator is a truly high efficiency vacuum pump. The environment requirements for the vacuum generator are very simple. As long as there is a source of compressed air, the vacuum generator can be used. Most factories in China have compressed air sources and are fully qualified to use vacuum generators.

The traditional vacuum pump is driven by electricity, and the worker principle is the same as the air compressor.