Compressed air film dryer

- Aug 13, 2019-

Harm of Oil and Water in Compressed Air

Air pressure systems produce two products: compressed air and condensate. Both products are contaminated by particulate impurities from the environment and the system. Therefore, air pressure system pipelines need to install filters, dryers and other purification equipment to remove these impurities from compressed air. Compressed air contains a lot of condensate, if not effectively eliminated, which will eventually have a serious impact on the operation of your system and equipment, such as winter may not work properly due to freezing or because compressed air contains condensate, resulting in product quality problems. Corrosion production equipment and pneumatic equipment affect the normal operation of equipment, affect the reliability and life of equipment, and affect the safety of production.

Unique drying technology

Dew point can be determined according to actual needs. The lowest pressure dew point can reach - 40 C. It is suitable for terminal use. No special installation space is needed to solve the fundamental problems. It is simple and easy to operate without routine maintenance, no power supply and environmental protection, no refrigerant affecting the environment and desiccant to be treated can be connected in parallel under the condition of large flow rate. use

Technical Conditions for Selecting Membrane Dryer

Pressure Dew Point Temperature at the Inlet of Pressure Film Dryer for Compressed Air Flow

Working Principle of Membrane Dryer

The core component of membrane dryer is hollow fiber, which has selective permeability. The diffusion rate of water molecules which are most easily permeable through the membrane is thousands of times that of other gases. Membrane dryer is to realize the drying of wet air by utilizing the characteristics of hollow fibers. When the humid compressed air flows through the highly selective hollow fiber membrane, the water molecules will diffuse from the high concentration inside the membrane to the outside, and the compressed air will be gradually dried during the flow process. The dew point of compressed air pressure at the outlet of the membrane tube can reach - 30 C, or even lower. The dry compressed air at the outlet of the membrane tube becomes drier after decompression through the back-blown orifice plate. Moist water molecules are carried away through the outer wall of the membrane, which makes the partial pressure difference (concentration difference) of water vapor always exist inside and outside the membrane and ensures the continuous outward diffusion of moist gas in the membrane tube. Moist air is blown back into the atmosphere. The whole process is continuous and dry compressed air can be obtained immediately. There is no need for pre-operation of cold dryer and suction dryer. Compared with cold dryer and adsorption dryer, membrane dryer can achieve the most economical drying according to the drying degree of compressed air needed in practice.