Correct operation of air nippers

- Aug 26, 2019-

Earlier, the hardware industry used manual scissors and electric scissors to cut nozzles and electron angles. Today, most electronics manufacturers are replacing the previous manual and electric scissors with pneumatic shears. The correct operation of these pneumatic scissors today is as follows:

1. Before the blade and the body unit, check if the air pressure (air compressor) can be turned off.

2. When using the blade, try to use the intermediate value of the blade working length.

3. Confirm the normal air pressure of the main body (the amount of air pressure used by the main body is also different).

4. After the application, the air pressure (air compressor) must be stopped and closed for easy maintenance.

5. The performance and maintenance of pneumatic scissors are actually related to many factors. The power and flow of the air source (air compressor) is the most fundamental request. Good airway accessories can effectively reduce air source losses.

6. Maintenance and maintenance of pneumatic scissors, many manufacturers in mainland China have insufficient support for pneumatic scissors. On the one hand, the use of "low-level" pneumatic scissors, thinking that if they are raised, it is better to purchase new tools; on the other hand, they don't know enough to think that they don't need support or don't want to support. In fact, the correct maintenance of the program can bring great savings to the users and stabilize normal consumption.

7. Calibration of pneumatic scissors. After the fixed torque tool is used for a period of time, or after the disassembly and assembly is stopped, the demand is stopped. The ordinary company adopts the “static torque” inspection method, and uses some torque wrenches, 咔哒 wrenches or torque simulation test instruments to verify.