Designing a robot end effector for lifting strapped wood packages.

- Apr 20, 2019-

Designing a robot end effector for lifting strapped wood packages then can use our robot gripper and the spring level to complete the project.

For your reference

  1. First can use our robot gripper ATX-SVK 442 3R18 20 which integrated with the ejector/vacuum pump, also can use the above image ATM-SVK 442 3R18 20 which has not the ejector which need the vacuum blower to matching then can use the hose connecting the vacuum blower.

    Our vacuum foam gripper material is the aluminium and the spare part of foam material is EPDM and can easily replacement without pre-handling or tools which have one year guarantee and also we can custom the foam gripper and EPDM foam  parts according to your design.


2.Spring level with the flexolink as well as the mounting plate which have one single spring also have two spring level, how to choose those decided whether you reach what effect, those spring level material is stainless steel which have the very very good quality and also those spring level the shortest strok is 25mm and double spring type can move up and down.



3. Also need the vacuum pressure gauge which is for acuum system status detection, those has two states NPN or PNP, you should confirm which state is you want


So if you want to custom the foam gripper to handling the products then you can tell us what you want then we can custom one whole set for complete your working, thanks!

Junxin foam grippers are very good quality and have been sold to many countries which is very suitable for your choise, thanks!