Digital barometer

- Jul 12, 2019-

The advantages of digital barometer are as follows:

1.The design of the product is divided into high-pressure type and low-pressure type. The color of keys is different and easy to recognize. Orange means high pressure, blue means low pressure. 

2. The function of single-line parameter replication reduces the setting time and avoids human errors. It is suitable for batch applications. 

3.It is easy to read the target value, set the pressure target value to display on the secondary screen, and display the real-time pressure value on the main screen, which is helpful to read the pressure target at any time.

4. The three-color display of the main screen can highlight different working conditions. Users can set content and background light display mode.


5. OPS dual-screen display can directly set parameters, setting steps can be reduced by three quarters. 

6. Screen display value fine-tuning function, eliminating very slight errors, adapting to special occasions.