Do you know the steps of using the robotic fixture?

- Sep 08, 2019-

The flexible positioning system of the robotic fixture is a standardized quick clamping system. This concept originated in Switzerland in Europe. The quick clamping system greatly increases production efficiency. The clamping time of the mechanical standard interface is only a few seconds, and the repeat positioning accuracy can reach 0.002mm. The use of science can maximize the processing efficiency. So, what are the steps of the robot fixture?

Robotic fixture:

1. Check if the chuck hole is clean before use;

2. Check that the fixture base is intact before use and that the pull pins and electric blanks are installed and clamped;

3. Cleaning the chuck z-axis reference and the four nail faces of the fixture base;

4. Clamp the clamp base on the machine chuck and gently handle it; check whether the clamp is stable and avoid accidents during processing;

5. The idle speed and protection of the chuck should be maintained by regular buttering.

Application of fixture in mold manufacturing

1. The quick positioning fixture solves the problem of rapid clamping after electrode angle removal in WEDM.

2. The application of the quick positioning fixture in WEDM can realize the pre-adjustment of the workpiece outside the machine tool, reducing the downtime caused by the cumbersome table calibration and middle-level classification in the traditional machining method. In addition, the standard positioning system interface makes the CNC and WEDM machine tool benchmarks uniform, and the two processes can be quickly connected, which greatly improves the running speed of the equipment. At the same time, the application of the fixture can also reduce the work intensity of the employees to a certain extent and reduce the technical requirements of the operators.