Features and points of attention of contact type magnetic switch

- Sep 30, 2019-

What is a contact magnetic switch?

A contact switch is a switch that uses a metal contact to open the circuit, interrupt the current, or cause it to flow to other circuits.

Refers to a switch that is controlled by a magnetic field and that uses a metal contact to open, open, interrupt, or flow current to other circuits. The most common contact magnetic switch is a reed switch.

The magnetic switch is used to detect the position of the cylinder piston, which detects the movement stroke of the piston.

The manner in which the switch is turned on and off by the action of the mechanical contact is called a contact type magnetic switch. .


Features and points of attention of contact type magnetic switch

First, the characteristics

The contact is sealed in an inert gas to reduce oxidation, carbonization and dust pollution caused by sparks during opening and closing, and the contact plate is plated with precious metal and wear-resistant.

The use of magnetic switches to detect the position of the piston is simpler and less time-consuming than designing, machining, installing, commissioning, etc. than using other limit switches.

The change in the mounting position of the magnetic switch is convenient. There are action indicators to show that it is very convenient to install, maintain and check.

Second, the use of precautions

A. When installing, do not let the switch be subjected to excessive impact force, such as driving the switch into and out.

B. Except for the water resistance magnetic switch, do not let the magnetic switch be in the environment of water or coolant, so as to avoid poor insulation, resin swelling inside the switch, and malfunction of the switch. For use in this environment, cover should be covered.

C. Never use it in an environment with explosive or flammable gases.

D. In the environment with magnetic field and high current around, the general magnetic switch cannot be used, and the magnetic switch with strong magnetic field should be selected.

E. Do not connect the connecting wire to the power line or high voltage line.

F. There should be no iron powder such as chip ends and welding slag around the magnetic switch. If it is accumulated on the switch, the magnetic force of the switch will be weakened or even invalid.

G. Do not use in an environment where the temperature is cyclically changed.

H. When wiring, cut off the power supply to prevent short circuit caused by wiring errors and damage the switch and load circuit.

I. The wiring of the magnetic switch cannot be directly connected to the power supply, and is thicker than the series load.

J. Because the magnetic switch has an action range, the cylinder with the magnetic switch has a minimum stroke.

K. In order to enhance the reliability, the mechanical signal can be converted into a switching signal by a sensor, and used together with the magnetic switch signal to form a chain circuit.

L, wire lead-out methods are direct outlet type, socket type, conduit terminal block type and DIN form socket type.

M, the load voltage and the maximum load current should not exceed the maximum allowable capacity of the magnetic switch, otherwise its life will be greatly reduced.

N. Touch-sensitive electromagnetic switch with indicator light. When the circuit exceeds the maximum current, the LED will be damaged; if the weak current is within the specified range, the LED will become dark or not bright.

O. When multiple switches are used in series, since each LED has an internal voltage drop, the load voltage when the switch is pulled is the sum of the power supply voltage minus the internal voltage drop of each switch.

P. When multiple switches are used in parallel, as the number of parallel switches increases, the voltage drop across each switch and the current passing through it decrease, so the indicator light will become dark or not bright.