Glass Industry Application 2

- May 16, 2019-



Special ultra-thin glass suction cups for high-speed and gentle handling of display glass for improved output and quality

The surface of the suction cup made of polyetheretherketone (PEEK) is used to transport ultra-thin glass substrates without pollution.

High speed combined with high positioning accuracy for gentle handling in clean rooms


car windscreen

Innovative clamping solutions for flexible grinding processes, reducing set-up time and providing maximum friction and precision

Suction cups made of non-marking rubber are suitable for fast handling of workpieces with barrier powder, such as unloading at cold end stations

The vacuum system consisting of high-abrasive vacuum suction cups and dust-proof vacuum generators has a very long service life, especially suitable for glass insulation powder and glass dust.


Solar glass

The suction cup of HT1 can make the glass plate without flaws and carry the battery and battery components.

Our long-term experience in the solar industry, plug-and-play robotic fixtures for the laying process

Smooth handling of the module during assembly, automatic flushing, testing and packaging