How are the solenoid valves and cylinders connected?

- Oct 04, 2019-

The cylinder needs a solenoid valve to control the on and off of the gas circuit to make the cylinder act. The on/off control of the solenoid valve is controlled by the TPC timing program controller. Timing control, position control, manual control and automatic control can be realized through simple function setting. Wait for all the required actions.

How are the solenoid valves and cylinders connected?

There are two commonly used types:

One is in the form of (valve + coil). On this valve, you can find 3 pins, use one and the 3 corresponding wire packages, connect the wire package to the wire, and then connect the wire package to these 3 You can do it on the needle.

The other is (valve). This valve has a thick stalk. Use a coil corresponding to the stalk, insert the coil onto the stalk, and fix it. Some coils are self-contained, and some are self-contained. If it is a wire package, the wire package is used in the same way as the first valve. You need another distribution cable.

There are also coils on the solenoid valve that mainly play a controlling role. There are two wires on the coil. The coil can be selected to have 220V and other.

The coil right nut is fixed on the electromagnetic cutting.

Cylinder Solenoid valve Triple piece. It is the most basic three components in the gas path.

Double acting cylinder. It is necessary to select a two-position five-way solenoid valve.

A pneumatic joint is required to connect these components. .PU tube (what type is selected. It needs to be determined according to the threaded hole on the cylinder or solenoid valve)

There are five threaded holes in the solenoid valve. . There are three on one side. There are two on the other side. .

The side of the three holes. . The middle one is bigger. It is the air intake. . Connect the air inlet to the triple piece (note that the triple piece is directional)

The next two are the vents. The vents only need to be equipped with a muffler.

The other two holes on the other side. It is the working hole. . The two holes are two holes in the front and rear end caps of the cylinder

This is basically assembled. . . Maintain a continuous flow of air. . . The pressure regulating valve can generally adjust the pressure of 4-5MPA.

By energizing the solenoid valve. Power off. To control the piston of the cylinder to reciprocate. .


How does the solenoid valve control the cylinder

It is the biggest feature of replacing the traditional programming with table setting without programming. It is suitable for people who are not familiar with programming. The timing can be adjusted within 50ms-24 hours. Various functions such as manual control, timing control, cycle control, sensor position control and program automatic control can be realized through function setting. The operation is very convenient and quick, and it is easy to realize the automatic control of the cylinder solenoid valve, which brings good news to those who are not familiar with programming.