How to choose the right industrial robot gripper?

- Sep 09, 2019-

The robotic gripper is used to grab objects. Like human hands, it is an important part of industrial robots. How to choose the right industrial robot gripper?


How to choose the right industrial robot gripper?

First, understand the weight of the robot gripper

The maximum weight of the part must be known. First, understand the payload of the gripper and the robot. Second, make sure the gripper has the required clamping force to handle the part.

Second, understand the size of the robot gripper

The minimum and maximum dimensions of the object to be processed are very important data. You need to measure other geometric positions to see the best grip position for the fixture. Internal and external geometries need to be considered.

Third, you need to know the material of the robot gripper

The material composition of the part will also be a very important aspect of the clamping scheme. The size and weight can be handled by the fixture and the material needs to be compatible with the fixture to ensure that the components are gripped.

Fourth, understand the shape of the robot gripper

Asymmetric, tubular, spherical and conical parts are a headache for robotic unit designers. It is very important to consider the shape of the part. Some robotic gripper manufacturers can choose different fingertips.

How to correctly select the contents of the industrial robot gripper is introduced here. To change the robot gripper, you must understand the correct size of the robot, and also understand what the robot gripper is going to grab. Items, only the right one is the best, in order to play its biggest role.