How to choose the right vacuum blower

- Apr 26, 2019-



Operating Principle:


The impellers are mounted directly on the motor shaft for noncontact compression entirely without friction. Maximum operational reliability, even at high different is ensued by the arrangement of the bearings outside the compression chamber. The gas it taken in though the inlet1. As it enters the side channel 2, the rotating impeller 3 imparts velocity to the gas in the direction of rotation. Centrifugal force in the impeller blades accelerates the gas outward and the pressure increase. Every rotation adds kinetic energy. Resulting in the further increase of the pressure along the side channel. The side channel narrow at the rotor, sweeping the gas off the impeller blades and discharging it though the outlet silencer 4 where it exits the side channel blower.


100% oil free compressed gas, water ring vacuum pump, motor, all are the protection class IP55, class H insulation.

Dual frequency(50/60Hz) and wide voltage can meet almost all regions of the world the voltage level, the external design of the bearing which can bear high working temperature to improve the reliability and the working life

The introductin of variable frequency drive new concept, than the maximum performance can be driven by a common motor is improved to 300%, impeller and pmmp body seal forms the unique reduced pressure gas pressure loss in the process of compression.

Pump casting, impeller die-casting molding, sturdiness and durability,excellent heat dissipation, imported Japan Germany, precision machine tool cutting, ensure the accuracy and quality, air pump through the surface of protective paint processing.

Products thrrough the strict mechanical, electrical performance test, simulation demonstrate the use of PROE,UG,CAD and others to design software and motion

As many as 100 kinds of products can meet your specific application of various requirements, with wide voltage frequency (50/60HZ) motor, protection

class IP55 (class H insulation), anywhere in the world, can be applied to Bai eyk ring vacuum pump. whatever in Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia,

can be delivered in a very short period of time, our volume inventory of products can meet your needs

Directly when installing a variable frequency motor or the control cabinet, the gas ring vacuum pump, compressor of the same type can

handle more traffic in energy saving at the same time. This is because always precise control system to provide accurate power you need,

so as to prevent additional gas consumption, the system running cost greatly reduced.

Flexible installation:

Can be mounted in any direction, without any restrictions, which means that reduces the space requirements and installation costs

Product categories:


Absolute pressure:

Absolute pressure in vacuum (absolute pressure is zero) as the 

reference and the measured values obtained. So the pressure is greater than the reference value

Gauge pressure:

 Gauge pressure is that measurement is higher than the

standard atmospheric pressure value. The standard atmosphere for reference, so the actual measured value is larger than the reference value

Vacuum degree:

The vacuum is that measurement is lower than standard atmospheric

pressure value.Measurement benchmark is still the standard atmospheric pressure, so the actualmeasured value

Conversion table:


Demonstration of the type:



In the selection of attention when, according to the specific circumstances of the scene, is focused on the flow or pressure and other related factors, choose the most suitable, 

cost-effective, the energy is saved. The use of pressure release valve, filter when necessary And other auxiliary parts, in order to better play the performance of equipment and 

matching field

Start up and ready to check the fastener without loosening, shed off 5 before the start, shell not deformation dislocation, intact / wiring, power supply voltage, meet the requirement 

/ shell grounding, installation of leakage protector / check the shift motors Ensure normal operation should be smooth, vibration, noise, temperature rise were normal

pump during operation, such as noise, vibration, increase the abnormal increase of screaming, abnormal temperature rise should be cut off the power supply immediately checked, 

troubleshooting to be re energized

No air pump in a connection pipeline of start power!

No inlet using hard links, must use soft connection!

Special point of product quality:

DIN VDE 0105 or IGC 364 regulations, non qualified personnel shall not be engaged in electrical equipment work. Qualified personnel: refers to the factory safety responsible 

 person authorized personnel. According to their own training, experience, knowledge and ability related standards on prevention of accidents to complete a necessary work,

 and to realize the potential The risk and take the necessary preventive measures. It is necessary to life first aid knowledge, familiar with the life rescue equipment related

Came with the equipment operating instructions may not contain detailed information all of the factors related, in particular, can not put every possible installation, are related

 to the operation and maintenance of way. The manual includes only can let the qualification Information necessary for correct operation personnel of machines or equipment. 

 Therefore, it is necessary to clarify, if lack of detailed parameters of products, or related questions, please according to the type of equipment and processing code for this product to contact us.

Tolerance standard: motor meets the standard of DIN EN 60 034/DIN IEC 34-1, insulation class H.