How to choose vacuum suction cups

- Feb 21, 2019-

How to choose a vacuum suction cup is the first step in the design of the vacuum system. The suction cup is selected before other products can be selected.

How to choose vacuum suction cups, we are based on years of vacuum system design experience, mainly to consider safety and stable absorption of products. The following is the method of vacuum suction cup selection:

1.Determine the product to be sucked, such as product weight, material, soft and hard, surface roughness and so on. For example, the surface is rough, or the unevenness is not good. Ordinary vacuum chucks are definitely not good, then the foam gripper and other products suitable for the surface of the bumps can be selected. If you use a film, paper, etc., the vacuum suction cup of  soft lip is suitable for suction.

2. Determine the size of the vacuum chuck,the size is mainly selected according to the weight      information of the product, we select the vacuum suction cup to consider the safety factor, generally 1.5-2 times horizontal handling, and 4 times safety factor for side suction or reverse handling. That is to say, if the 50KG product is handled, if it is handled horizontally, it is preferable that the suction force of the suction cup reaches 100KG or more.

3.Determine the number of suction cups, the front has said that the size of the vacuum suction cup according to the weight, but we can not simply choose a vacuum suction cup can be, this needs specific analysis.For example, to handle 1000*2000 sheets, we recommend using 6-8 suction cups, so as to distribute the suction evenly on the product instead of focusing on the product.

4.Determine the vacuum suction cup material, our vacuum suction cup material includes silicone rubber, nitrile rubber, fluorine rubber, high temperature materials, etc., each material is suitable for different environments, this needs to be selected according to the situation of on-site handling products. If you need to know the characteristics of different materials, you can also contact our technical staff to provide you with professional advice.

The above is the selection of vacuum suction cups that we have summarized. 

How to choose the vacuum suction cups is not a sentence or two sentences. If you have any problems during the suction process, please feel free to contact us.