How to improve the vacuum gripper can be sucked stronger

- Feb 21, 2019-

In the process of suctioning the vacuum chuck, if the selection is improper, it will cause the stability of the suction to be poor, or even the problem of not being able to suck at all. How to optimize the vacuum suction cup and vacuum gas path to ensure the reliability of vacuum handling. Based on years of experience, we have summarized the following:


1. The suction of the vacuum suction cup is not strong. The first thing that comes to the most is that the vacuum suction cup and the suction product are not well fitted, and it is difficult to generate a vacuum. This is definitely not able to absorb. How to solve this problem, we need specific analysis of specific problems, such as Rough surface plate products, uneven surface products, if there is no good seal between the vacuum chuck and the suction product, we can consider the sponge suction cup method. The sponge can be attached to the surface of the product because of its flexibility. Closer, this ensures a vacuum and the vacuum suction cup is stronger.

2. products with large deformation, such as courier bags, plastic packaging products, such products are soft surface, it is difficult to suck firmly with ordinary vacuum suction cups, easy to fall, this problem is often not heavy, according to conventional calculations, suction It can meet the requirements completely, but the vacuum chuck can not absorb these products firmly. There is also a problem with this product that the product is deformed and easily separated from the vacuum chuck.

We have a variety of products to solve this type of problem. For example, the large suction vacuum generator is equipped with film paper vacuum suction cup and  multi-layer corrugated vacuum suction cup.  so that the vacuum gripper can suck the product more firmly.

3.Breathable products, this type is mainly similar to woven bag packaging products, such as sugar packets, rice bags, etc., is basically difficult to solve when the conventional product is sucked. our  powder bag vacuum gripper integrated vacuum generator or a vacuum blower can easily solve the problem of weak suction.

4.Long and short products, such as PCB products, using conventional vacuum suction cups, sometimes if you touch the hole, there will be leakage problems, resulting in vacuum suction is not strong. For this type of product, we have improved from two aspects, on the one hand, increasing the suction flow rate, on the other hand, reducing the suction hole and increasing the density of the suction hole, which can solve the problem and the versatility problem well. 

Our PCB industry vacuum gripper are using these two methods, combined with the flexibility of the nano suction device, the sponge is used to make more dense and small suction holes, which solves the problem of PCB vacuum suction.

5.Vacuum handling flexibility, we sometimes need a vacuum suction cup can be compatible with different sizes, different amounts of vacuum suction handling, this to solve the problem of vacuum suction sucking, you need to use a vacuum check valve, the valve The principle is that if the lower suction cup does not pick up the product, the check valve will close the vacuum that maintains the entire vacuum system. In addition, we have  built-in check valve which is developed according to this principle. Especially in the general vacuum handling process, this foam gripper solves the problem of strong vacuum suction.

The above are some common problems that we have summarized. 

Of course, we will encounter more problems when selecting vacuum products.

If you encounter them, you can consult our engineers who can choose the right products for you. 

Make the vacuum suction cups stronger.