How to Preserve Flat Vacuum Sucker

- Jul 11, 2019-

It is well known that the technology of flat vacuum sucker has been widely valued by the industry.

If the vacuum sucker is stored for a long time, in order to prevent the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder from rusting, the working device should be placed on the ground; after cleaning, the whole machine should be dried and stored in a dry indoor environment; if the conditions are limited, the machine should be placed on the well-drained cement floor; before storage, the filling tank should lubricate all components. Replace the hydraulic oil and hydraulic oil, coat a thin layer of butter on the bare surface of the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder, dismantle the negative pole of the battery, or dismantle the battery and store it separately. According to the temperature, add appropriate proportion of antifreeze to the cooling water, start the engine once a month, and operate the machine to lubricate the parts of the spring hanger and charge the battery.

Vacuum suction pump is a bidirectional variable piston pump, which drives both the vibration wheel of the left and right wheels and the bidirectional variable motor. Rotating speed selector switch (cab dashboard) can select the speed range of the roller (the same as BW217D, with four speed ranges), each speed range can be controlled by the walking rod to achieve stepless speed regulation. The walking tie rod is also the control rod of the front and rear commutation device. The vacuum sucker can change the driving direction smoothly and the control is very simple