How to properly use the safety rules and knowledge of pneumatic tools

- Sep 21, 2019-

In the use of pneumatic tools, many people did not pay attention to the correct use of pneumatic tools related knowledge, which led to problems in the application of time, especially for the safety of life, today Ningbo Ningbo shield pneumatic tools The company introduces relevant knowledge to everyone and assists you. The most important thing to note is the reaction torque during the operation of pneumatic tools. Some pneumatic tools are likely to generate reaction torque during normal operation, which makes the operator's body panic and affects the balance of the body. Clip to your finger. Special care should be taken when using multi-axis nut locks, screwdrivers, ratchet wrenches, diagonal wrenches, rotors, tapping machines, pipe beveling machines, etc. Operators should be careful to take precautions against bad reaction torque.


Another lesson is that when using pneumatic tools, the air compressor should be selected according to the needs of practice. The correct choice of air pressure is simpler. There are 8 atmospheric pressures, and high pressures such as 12 atmospheres (175 Psi). If there is no special request, the normal 8 atmospheres will be enough. The air flow of the air compressor is determined by the power. This ordinary one is enough to supply a single tool. Before using the pneumatic tools, please read this copy. The manual, in order to have a complete understanding of the content, can be used in the workplace, and the content must be strictly enforced.


In the process of application, it must be in accordance with the operational steps introduced in the clarification book. Do not go to the high-load pneumatic tools, do not exceed the maximum operating pressure, and often make the pneumatic tools work in an environment that exceeds the operating pressure, which will greatly reduce The life of the tool itself. Always remove the pneumatic tool from the air source when changing tools or accessories. Wear goggles as much as possible during operation. Earplugs and masks are used to maintain safety. Do not wear loose clothing, scarves, ties or jewelry during operation to avoid the risk of being caught by moving or rotating parts. When the pneumatic tool is connected with the high-pressure gas source, do not press the trigger when it is not in use. Keep spare parts at all times, and loose spare parts can pose serious risks. When exchanging worn parts, use special spare parts. Do not use the air pressure tube to damage or impact. Never point the tool at yourself or someone else. Before use, check whether the air compressor can be weak or damaged. If you find the above situation, please update it immediately to maintain the safety of all nuts and screws, and make sure all equipment is in a safe state.