Integrated into the vacuum pump foam gripper

- Apr 16, 2019-


ATX: Integrated into vacuum generator

The large area vacuum suction system ATX adopts an inserting vacuum generator, which can be separately configured and quickly disassembled according to the change of working conditions. The system is collected.

Modular design, easy to maintain. Reserved interface can directly add functional components to the suction cup to optimize the process, environmental protection and energy saving.


Inserted Vacuum Generator

Performance optimization: Use low vacuum to generate higher flow and thus provide higher suction.

It is especially suitable for handling permeable workpieces.

Even at low vacuum, the workpiece can be rapidly released and a higher suction force can be established.

Control valves (optional) can be installed at the end cap to control suction and blowing.

The muffler can control the noise level within 74dB (A).

Fast connection unit, easy to clean.