Introduction to the new vacuum generator for foam gripper

- Mar 29, 2019-

It is the first enterprise in China that has independent technology from vacuum generating tubes, valve bodies and sponges. The new sponge suction device launched this year fully embodies the development direction of enterprise products with modularization, systemization, high efficiency and energy saving, and customized service.


In order to achieve greater energy efficiency, we have re-developed the vacuum generation tube and made a lot of improvements for the application characteristics of the sponge suction product. Here are a few improvements:

       1. The traditional sponge suction device consumes a large amount of gas and needs a large amount of suction. Our conventional vacuum tube consumes 110L/MIN and reaches a suction capacity of about 300L/MIN. The improved vacuum tube only requires air consumption of 100L/MIN, but the suction volume reaches 360L/min. It saves about 10% of energy consumption, but increases the suction volume by 20%.

        2, integrated vacuum tube, compared to the traditional multi-section vacuum tube, the environmental resistance has been greatly improved. In the original multi-stage vacuum tube, in the case of a harsh environment, the connection between the tube and the tube is easily damaged to affect the performance of the vacuum tube. The Dingdaxin improved vacuum tube is an integrated design that greatly reduces the possibility of environmental impacts such as dust and oil.