Junxin foam grippers advantages

- Mar 29, 2018-

1, flexibility: no matter what kind of material, surface state and location, handling products only need more than 20mm, you can learn

2. Energy-saving technology: Junxin foam grippers adopts our own independently developed vacuum generator and valve technology, we can well save energy consumption by more than 20%, and well reduce the cost of use.

3, lighter weight: lighter high-strength materials and optimized space, very good for light robot handling applications

4. Low noise pollution: By using optimized noise reduction technology, the sound can be controlled within 74 decibels

5, faster and easier maintenance: sponge and suction cup quick replacement technology to reduce the difficulty of product maintenance later.

Junxin vacuum suction device installation can be divided into: ATX built-in vacuum generator large area vacuum suction product and ATM external vacuum source large area vacuum suction device 





Install the suction surface, we have to provide sponge seals and ordinary vacuum sucker suction method

Sponge and suction cups can be replaced quickly thanks to adhesive film technology and plug-in suction cups


According to valve body classification: with SVK check valve and SW throttle valve two products.