Large-area vacuum fixture system - the most flexible handling operation

- Jul 02, 2019-



Universal suction tool for handling workpieces of all sizes, shapes, materials and surfaces

It can handle workpieces of various materials, such as lacquered board, unplaned wood, packaging/bag/can, metal sheet, glass, plastic, CFRP, etc.

Handling breathable or gapped workpieces

Suitable for handling workpieces with unfixed suction points

Light weight, suitable for use with robots


Unique flexibility: no matter what material, surface condition and position, the handling product only needs to be larger than 20mm, it can be absorbed

Lighter weight: Lighter, high-strength materials and optimized space for light robot handling applications

Faster and simpler product maintenance: quick change of sponge and suction cups reduces the difficulty of later product maintenance

With exclusive energy-saving technology: By adopting our own research and development of vacuum generator and valve technology, we can save energy consumption by more than 20%, which greatly reduces the cost of use.

Low noise pollution: Control the sound to within 74 decibels with optimized noise reduction technology

imageIntegrated with the vacuum generation, a ready-to-install device, the large-area vacuum suction system is equipped with an integrated vacuum generator. It can be individually configured and quickly disassembled according to changing conditions. The system is modular and easy to maintain.


Recommended optional products:

Spring buffer strut

Vacuum gauge

Linear filter

Vacuum tube


External vacuum generating device, large-area vacuum suction system adopts the same modular structure, and has an external port reserved for external vacuum generating device, so it is especially suitable for supporting high-flow vacuum pumps and blowers.


Recommended vacuum generator:

Multi-stage vacuum generator

Vacuum pump

Vacuum blower


Standard polyester cotton has been equipped with a quick-change adhesive film

Optimized adjustment ability

The sponge rebounds quickly after being pressed

When the sponge is replaced, there is no residue left on the aluminum plate, no need to clean

Suitable for workers with widths of 20mm and above

Optional filter

image        3-row suction hole (standard)     image     5 rows of suction holes (for small parts)                   


Embedded suction cup

Optimize height compensation and shock absorption

Embedded structure, fast replacement

Diameter range 20-40mm

Made of food-grade silicone that meets FDA-approved standards

Optional plug-in filter

imageThree rows of suction holes

imageFive rows of suction holes


Large area vacuum fixture system - new valve body technology

The model and size of the valve body can be quickly and easily replaced according to different requirements of working conditions.


Check valve SVK

Built-in ball valve that automatically closes vacuum suction holes that do not touch the workpiece

No leakage, can maintain higher vacuum and energy saving

Application: handling of larger and heavier workpieces such as pallets, cardboard boxes, wood or oil-free metal sheets and workpieces with holes


Throttle valve SW

Throttle valve reduces air leakage per hole

Application: suctioning workpieces of different sizes and shapes, no matter how many vacuum suction holes are in contact with the workpiece

Application features:

Smooth and compact workpieces (steel plates, glass, etc.)---SVK/SW

Porous gas leakage products ----------------------------------SVK

Surface relief workpiece-----------------------------------------SVK

Low surface area with curvature and other workpieces (round tube)---SVK

Fast handling---------------------------------------------------------------SVK

Energy saving considerations----------------------------------------------SVK

Flip angle greater than 45 degrees----------------------------------------SW

Technicial Paremeters:


Design Paremeters: