Large area vacuum suction system accessories

- Jul 03, 2019-


Vacuum switch:

When the required vacuum is detected, the system starts the operation after receiving the feedback signal from the vacuum switch output.

Shorten the work cycle


Separation function:

Separable gas-permeable workpieces (such as cabinets, MDF/chipboard) during demolition

Compressed air pulse can be oriented, adjustable, and started quickly


Sensor component package:

For positioning workpieces

Shorten cycle times and improve process stability

Standard detection distance is up to 350mm, black and white difference is less than 15%

Push-pull output, compatible with NPN and PNP


Slider kit:

4 sliders

4 (M8X16) screws


Flange package:

1 flange

Slider package


Double flange assembly kit:

1 double flange

Slider package


Spring height compensation kit:

1 spring buffer strut (50mm cushion stroke) with mounting connector

Flange package


Flexible height compensation component package:

1 spring buffer strut (50mm cushion stroke) with spherical bearing

Ideal for handling uneven workpieces

Self-centering, interference free


T-slot seal:

Special T-type self-locking seal

Easy to clean

Cable guide optional

Vacuum pressure gauge optional


Built-in control valve (for ATX type suction)

Turn on/off the suction function and the air blowing function

Maximize the reduction cycle

Electrical connection using M12 (4-pole) plug


Solenoid valve (suitable for ATM suction):

Turn on/off the blow release workpiece function
Quick release of workpieces and shortened cycle times
Flange can be fixed on the suction tool