Magnetic switch selection method

- Sep 30, 2019-

Magnetic switch refers to a switch that can use the signal of the magnetic field to control the line. The common magnetic switch includes two-contact switch and two-contact switch. The general magnetic switch has a variety of materials, different materials can be used in different scenes, PP, PVDF material can be applied to some strong acid and alkali places, SUS 304/316 metal material can be applied to some high temperature and high pressure tanks.

Magnetic switch selection method

1. Confirm the specifications of the Yadeke sensor switch

Do not use load current, voltage, temperature, impact performance, etc. outside the specifications stated on the product catalog to avoid malfunction or damage to the Yadeke magnetic switch.

2, spacing confirmation

When the Yadeke magnetic cylinder is used normally, the distance between the two Yade cylinder cylinders should be greater than 40mm, so as to avoid the malfunction caused by the magnetic interference between the Yadeke magnetic switches.


Selection of magnetic switches For different materials and different detection distances, different types of proximity switches should be used to make them have high performance-price ratio in the system. For this reason, the following principles should be followed in the selection:

1. When the detector is made of metal, the high-frequency oscillation type proximity switch should be used. This type of proximity switch is most sensitive to the detection of iron-nickel and A3 steel detectors. For aluminum, brass and stainless samples, the detection sensitivity is low.

2. When the test object is a non-metallic material, such as wood, paper, plastic, glass and water, a capacitive proximity switch should be used.

3. When the metal body and the non-metal are to be remotely detected and controlled, a photoelectric proximity switch or an ultrasonic proximity switch should be used.

4. When the test object is made of metal, if the detection sensitivity is not high, a low-cost magnetic proximity switch or Hall-type proximity switch can be used.

There are many types of switches, and it has many applications in our production and life. It has important applications in the connection of some lines and the control of some special lines. The magnetic switch is a special type of switch. It uses the signal of the magnetic field and has important applications in some daily production and life.