Method of Increasing Intake Flow of Vacuum Generator

- Aug 11, 2019-

1. Vacuum generator can be divided into high vacuum type and high suction flow type. The former has a large slope and the latter is flat. When the diameter of nozzle throat is fixed, the suction flow must be reduced in order to obtain high vacuum. In order to obtain large suction flow, the pressure at the suction inlet must be increased.

In order to increase the suction flow rate of vacuum generator, multi-stage expansion pressure tube can be designed. For example, two three-stage diffuser tube vacuum generators are connected in parallel.

1. Vacuum generator is a compact and economical vacuum generating element, which is applied in the place where positive pressure air source exists, which greatly simplifies the vacuum circuit. Therefore, it is conducive to reducing the manufacturing cost of the machine, improving the reliability of the machine, realizing the high-speed and automation of the machine, and has broad application prospects.

2. In the process of system design, all kinds of performance parameters of vacuum generator should be considered comprehensively, and the performance indexes matching with the system should be selected. Generally, the better gas supply pressure is 0.4-0.5 MPa, and the pressure at the suction port is generally 20 kPa-10 kPa.