Modularization of foam gripper

- Jul 29, 2019-

Scope of application and its advantages:

The sponge suction device is designed for the flexibility of the stacking operation and vacuum lifting system of the robot.

The biggest characteristic of sponge suction is that through the design of honeycomb-like holes, each hole is controlled independently. When the product is sucked, the vacuum will be automatically opened. Once the holes or rough places are encountered, these suction holes will automatically close, so as to maintain the whole vacuum system without leakage, and achieve the effect of successful handling. This product is suitable for one-time handling of hollow workpieces or multiple workpieces, widely used in woodworking, food, medicine, building materials, tobacco and other industries. For example, bricks, boards (wet or dry), cans, barrels, plastic wraps, air permeable workpieces (cartons, bags) flat or rough workpieces, hollow workpieces, etc. can be handled.

TPX vacuum sponge suction device can absorb these products well for products with uneven surface, even with holes, no definite suction area on the surface, even products of various sizes, etc. By using TPX vacuum sponge suction device, we need not change the treatment tool, and these irregular products can also be relaxed. The problem of absorbing difficulties has been solved.

Whether it is for logistics industry, small traders or factories, TPX sponge suckers are widely used to carry a whole plate of cans, or multiple cartons stacking, furniture factory doorframes and so on. Through TPX sponge suckers, there is no need to identify whether the product has holes, whether the product is in the right position, or whether the number of products is different, and so on. These products can be easily absorbed and transported.

The suction cup can be used to absorb any single or multiple strip or block workpieces at will without adjusting the position of the suction cup.

Our Technology's service is mainly aimed at your site, your products, provide appropriate sponge suction, strive to be able to solve the problem of your site handling.


The most flexible automated handling industry

Fast replacement, low cost operation

Safety and practicability of the system

Intelligent vacuum generator with short cycle and good energy saving effect

No additional vacuum generator is needed, and the structure is compact.

Various lengths and sizes are available, the structure is firm and light, suitable for short cycle conditions.

Modular design to meet structural needs

Flexible Selection of Vacuum Generator Based on Actual Working Conditions

Easy installation, fast plug and play

Multiple suckers can be used to share a vacuum source to reduce energy consumption

Stable, fast and energy-saving

Various generators are available

Unique blowing and suction device to ensure fast handling

Blow-up pressure is high and can drop rapidly.

Minimum pumping capacity and shortest release time to ensure the lowest cost of energy consumption

Rapid Release of Workpieces, More Energy-saving

Shortest cycle palletizing and palletizing operations

Ideal choice for product stacking and disassembly (shortest cycle)

Optimum fit for workpiece structure, absorb different workpieces without changing fixture

The most suitable operating system can be designed according to the actual situation.

A complete set of customized systems for personalized solutions

Vacuum generator (vacuum generator, vacuum pump or vacuum blower) can be selected according to actual working conditions.

Fast and low-cost construction of a complete fixture system with the shortest cycle and the strongest operational reliability

Different technical solutions can be provided depending on the handling of different products.

Optimum material selection, low self-weight and high acceleration

Advanced clamping technology, releasing workpiece faster

Strong handling ability and good flexibility

The self-closing valve can be installed according to the requirement. The unused vacuum holes can be closed automatically and the suction is stronger.

Fast vacuum generation to ensure the shortest operating cycle

Full handling of long and heavy workpieces

Workpieces with uneven or warped surfaces can be handled