New energy industry application

- May 15, 2019-


New Engery Industry

Very fast handling, high precision, gentle handling, and can be handled from wafer to battery module

Highly specialized solutions for individual product steps, from battery cell handling to battery packs

Small suction cups with soft sealing lips and non-marking rubber


Wafer and Battery

Photovoltaic chucks are designed for gentle, fast and accurate handling of wafers and cells, minimizing breakage rates

The contact surface of the vacuum chuck used is made of polyetheretherketone (PEEK), which is used to transport wafers without contamination.

Use Bernoulli suction cups for all-round clamping position for low/no contact handling


Advanced solution for assembling secondary batteries

Handling palletized lithium-ion battery and fuel cell foil, and resistant to electrolyte

No contamination to the electrode or lithium battery separator and no deformation

Quickly pick up and transport workpieces for precise positioning

Firmly absorb the battery bag, the risk of electroless "bags"