New profile suction function analysis, is it worth buying

- Aug 19, 2019-

We are launching the new TPX/TPC series of assembled profile vacuum suction devices (sponge suction and sponge suction cups). The new products are based on the business philosophy of “focus, innovation, reliable design, providing convenient, high-performance products”. It uses a number of self-developed new technologies, is more widely used, more cost-effective, and provides customized services for customers with different needs. The technology used is more advanced and the configuration is more advanced, to analyze its functional configuration one by one.

1. Firstly, compared with the previous products, the accumulator is added, the internal volume is reduced, the workpiece is accelerated, and the maximum suction can be formed more quickly.

2. Using high-flow energy-saving vacuum generator, it is better for gas-permeable products. Compared with traditional suction tools, the same suction energy is more than 15%, and built-in silencer to reduce noise.

3. It is worth mentioning that the first patented mutual-card vacuum suction device can be flexibly built with different width suction tools, which is compact in structure and good in flattening effect.

4. In addition, the multi-function end cover includes compressed air interface, vacuum port and control valve interface, etc.

5. Seals are available in two types: suction cup and sponge.

6. The valve body is installed independently, which can be changed according to the scene. The performance of the sponge suction device is more stable and has self-cleaning function.

7. Aluminum-based profile module has high hardness, light weight, built-in separation air pipe, length can be customized


This profile suction is much better than before, and it also uses some of the company's self-developed technology, cost-effective