Non-contact gripper

- Jul 17, 2019-

Principle: Non-contact suction cup is based on Bernoulli's principle, suction cup through the combination of disc body and diversion core, forming a through hole at the central line of two corresponding end faces of suction cup. Air enters from the upper end of the through hole, and then sprays out from the air vent of the other end face of suction cup.


When the gas encounters the workpiece, the center of the end face of the self-jet port diffuses rapidly along the horizontal direction outside the radial direction of the sucker, and the compressed air takes away the local air to form a closed space, which makes the central and peripheral air pressure lower than the external air pressure. Because the air forms a whirlpool inside the cavity before it flows out, it evenly sprays out along the horizontal direction. The downward force of the air outflow on the workpiece is reduced to a minimum, and the adsorptive force formed by the pressure difference is greater than the sum of the gravity of the workpiece itself and the downward force of the air outflow on the workpiece. The workpiece is tightly adsorbed on the sucker.


Advantages: (1) Non-contact features greatly reduce damage to solar wafer workpiece and adsorption trace.

(2) Enhance the absorption capacity, increase the adsorption capacity of porous PCB, cloth, paper and other permeable products.

Disadvantages: (1) High gas consumption

(2) The lateral adsorption force is small.