Non-contact gripper adsorption area from 20mm to 100mm

- Jul 01, 2019-


Key points:

Built-in vacuum generator based on Bernoulli principle

The suction cup is suspended on the vacuum potential

Low vacuum, high flow

Do not draw air from the workpiece


No vacuum generator required, just compressed air

Non-contact handling of objects, especially for pressure sensitive workpieces

The air leakage compensation is very good, and the workpiece is hardly deformed.

Good separation of light and breathable objects



Fixed installation directly through the 4 threaded holes (1) at the top

Vertical compressed air connection hole (2)

Compress the air connection hole in the horizontal direction (closed with a plug)

Anodized aluminum body (3) built-in Bernoulli nozzle

There are two types of fluid chambers (4): standard SF, which is suitable for suctioning airtight workpieces; high flow type HF, which provides high air leakage compensation, suitable for suctioning gas permeable workpieces.

Optional center support structure


image CD/DV handling 

imageHandling of printed circuit boards

imageEggs wrapped in pallets

imageHandling of glass plates without leaving traces

imagePaper/Plastic handling without leaving traces

rough surface


Dust on the surface

Object such as powder

Design Paremeters: