- Apr 21, 2019-

We specializes in vacuum products and capture solutions. We offer a wide range of products in the process of improving the productivity of automation technology and logistics handling.

The newly launched ATX assembled Profile Vacuum Absorber is the first flagship product of our Beyond Series. Based on the advantages of the original products, it has added a number of independent research and development technologies.

The first mutual card vacuum gripper:

Flexible construction of different width gripper

Compact structure and good flattening effect


Accumulator: reduce internal volume, accelerate the release of the workpiece, and quickly form the maximum suction

Energy-saving vacuum generator: High-flow vacuum generator, which is better for breathable products. Compared with traditional suction tools, the same suction energy is more than 15%, built-in silencer

Multi-function end caps: including compressed air interface, vacuum port and control valve interface

Seal: Suction cup and spare part of foams are available in two seals


Independent valve body: The valve body is installed independently, it can be changed for the scene, the sponge suction tool has more stable performance and self-cleaning function.

Aluminum-based profile module: high hardness, light weight, built-in separation air pipe, flexible length customization

In addition to the above known functions, we have made improvements in some small places to make the product more perfect. The most creative improvement is to add a row of holes in the end cap part. This hidden function is behind the scene. It is estimated that many people have not noticed.


The company has been developing in the direction of “high efficiency, energy saving, modularization and systemization”. The two rows of holes on the end caps make full use of the suction cup area and increase the suction force, which fully reflects the company's energy saving and high efficiency. The direction of each aspect.

The increased hole makes full use of the suction cup area, so that the suction force of the suction device exerts greater suction under the same area, the suction force is enhanced without wasting the suction device area, and the absorbable area is maximized. This is another sponge on the market. The place that the manufacturer has not yet done is also one of the reasons why our vacuum suction device is 15% higher than the suction of similar products in the market.