Packaging industry application

- Apr 24, 2019-

image Soft bag gripper

imageCarton stacking foam gripper

imageOil drum stacking

imagePacking of foam gripper

imageHandling of small articles of various sizes

Packing Industry:

Packaging and handling of packaged products in the shortest working cycle

Primary Packaging: The product is packed for the first time. It must meet the highest hygienic standards if it is directly exposed to unpackaged products.

Secondary Packaging: Retail Packaging of Products Packed Separately to be Displayed on Goods Shelf

Pipeline terminal stacking EOLP: At the end of almost every packaging line, there is usually a pipeline stacking station that packs retail packages in boxes for subsequent storage and shipment.


Primary Packaging: Installation Bottles and Glass Container Bottles

Sterile glass with high grinding requires long life of sucker

Effective vacuum generator using eco and nozzle technology can be installed directly above the sucker to save space.

Ultra-fine linear vacuum generator with fast plug-in interface can be installed quickly.


Primary/Secondary Packaging: Pharmaceutical Packaging

Film bags, blisters, or pouches for handling liquids, powders, and medical devices

A sucker and vacuum end pickup system made of plastic and silicone rubber materials that meet FDA certification requirements

Firm absorption, no puncture or damage to packaging