Perforation and Laser Cutting of Metal Plates

- Apr 23, 2019-

imageFlat sheet metal suction cup

imageMB 1.5 corrugated sheet metal suction cup

image1.5 folded elliptical sheet metal sucker

imageHandling the carton

imageSuction gripper for handling deformed sheet metal parts

imageATM/ATX foam gripper for sheet metal cutting

Perforation and Laser Cutting of Metal Plates:


Magnetic sucker has bistable conversion function, which is widely used in car body manufacturing workshop and is popular all over the world.

The sucker pad adopts an inserting sucker, which is installed to carry flat but varied laser cutting plates.

In the car body, injection molding and assembly workshop, workpieces with different 3D shapes can be moved by the same suction system without changing the gripper.

Vacuum chuck with ozone resistance can be used for workpiece with curved and oily surface.

The whole layer handling:


Large area vacuum suction system with sucker pad or vacuum sponge pad can carry multiple workpieces in one operation cycle.

Using innovative valve body technology, even for laser cutting plates with voids or holes, the whole stacking operation can be carried out.

Built-in lightweight vacuum generator eliminates complex lines or bulky vacuum pipelines

End effector for sheet metal handling in automobiles:


Vacuum clamping system suitable for machining center fixes workpiece reliably and quickly from the bottom of workpiece to ensure the shortest fixture time.

By applying suction force in vacuum, the workpiece will not be deformed and can be machined accurately and with high quality.