Pneumatic scissors, pneumatic crimping pliers

- Sep 19, 2019-

Pneumatic scissors, pneumatic crimping pliers

Suitable for cutting and crimping operations. Replacement knife: Class F blade cutting plastic, Class S blade cutting wire, Class A blade terminal and connector.

Pneumatic scissors, pneumatic crimping pliers features:

1. Safety switch and safety card design to reduce the risk caused by accidental contact.

2. Boost and voltage regulation design, for some areas where the air pressure is insufficient or unstable, there is a significant improvement, which can improve the working speed.

3. Easy blade replacement, on-site operation, reducing maintenance waiting time, and thus improving work efficiency.

4. The patented design of the blade is more labor-saving than traditional tools. For materials that cannot be cut by traditional tools, such as stainless steel wire, piano wire, special angle plastic products, etc., you can easily complete the work.

5 product body can replace different blade work.

6. There are special specifications, which can be used with the whole plant automation equipment.

7All the products of our company can make the customer's needs without the need of cutting scheme, special cutter head, thus improving work efficiency.

Application industry: Our shear products can be mainly used in modern plastics factories, rubber factories, electronics factories, computer manufacturing assembly plants, telecom telephone manufacturers, lighting factories, camera factories, home power plants, plastic injection molding plants, car carpets. Artificial leather/coconut composite materials such as bamboo curtains/curtains/iron mesh/plastic net/canvas are required.

Product Usage:

Shearing type: Suitable for use in various copper, iron, plastic, leather, straw mats, refrigerant pipes, electric heating pipes, fiberglass and other places. Such as: injection molding feet, part angles, IC / copper feet, transformer / copper wire, communications / capacitors, motherboards, refrigerant tubes, chips and so on.