Positive and Negative Pressure Dual-Purpose Digital Display Barometer

- Aug 14, 2019-

I. Functional characteristics

1. It is easy to read the target value. The main screen displays the real-time pressure value, and the secondary screen displays the set pressure value, which is helpful to read the pressure value at any time.

2. Tri-color display can highlight different working conditions. Users can set content and backlight display mode.

3. Double-screen display can set parameters directly and operate conveniently.

4. The screen display value is 1 kpa, which can be fine-tuned to eliminate slight errors and adapt to special occasions.

5. Various measurement units can be set: kPa, MPa, kgf/cm2, bar, psi, inHg, mmHg.

6. Installation methods can be divided into bracket installation (2 kinds) and panel installation, which can be tightly installed to save space.

7. The design is compact, 12.5mm thinner than the traditional odd teeth, 38% lighter weight, up to 2000W switch reliability test.

8. Both positive and negative pressure, rated pressure range - 0.101-1.000 MPa, and products certified by EMC and CE

II. Operation Mode

The operation mode of the common usage state is "operation mode", the basic function is "general setting mode", and the advanced (depth) function is set.

Set mode for experts.

1. Operation mode: Quick operation such as target value adjustment and key locking can be carried out directly.

2. General Setting Mode: Basic Function Settings such as Output Mode Settings, Normal Open/Closed Mode Switching, etc.

3. Expert Setting Mode: Advanced Function Settings such as Hysteresis Value, Parameter Replication Function and Screen Display Value Fine-tuning Function

III. Application occasion

imageReplacement of traditional mechanical barometer

imagePipeline Pressure Detection

imageConfirmation of equipment reference pressure

imageAdsorption and transportation equipment

imageAir tightness testing equipment

imageF.R.L Triplet

imageScreen Matching Device

imageDispensing equipment