Principle and Characteristics of Vacuum Generator

- Jul 13, 2019-

The principle and characteristics of vacuum generator.

Compressed air enters from the inlet of the single stage vacuum generator and flows through Venturi nozzle. As the cross-section decreases gradually, the pressure of compressed air increases and the velocity of flow increases. At this time, a vacuum is generated in the inlet of the adsorption chamber, which causes the surrounding air to be sucked into the vacuum generator and flows into the diffusion chamber together with compressed air. In addition to the single-stage vacuum generator, there are several Venturi tubes arranged in sequence, called multi-stage vacuum generator, which can produce much larger suction than the single-stage vacuum generator. Compressed air enters the multi-stage vacuum generator from the inlet and passes through more. A series of Venturi tubes, the nozzle will compress the gas into high-speed airflow, take away the gas molecules in the chamber, create a vacuum at the end of the nozzle, introduce air from the inlet, add up the suction of all series nozzles, and form the total suction amount. The air that is sucked into the vacuum generator finally and pressure. Shrinkage air is ejected through muffler. Vacuum generator. It is generally composed of shell, nozzle, muffler and vacuum meter.