Principle of air nippers

- Sep 02, 2019-

Pneumatic scissors are products developed through the principle of mechanics. The instantaneous pressure applied by the blade is within a certain range.

Improper use will directly shorten the service life or fail to achieve a mission

1. Pay attention to the gas source: Each model body has the reference value of the gas source. The gas source is insufficient. The workpiece can not be cut. The gas source is too large. The body spring is easy to fatigue in advance. The piston is easy to burst. The blade is easy to break and reduce the number of uses.

2, pay attention to the material: the material is very important for the selection of the blade. For example, the copper and iron material that the customer wants to cut is titanium-plated and plated with plastic material and the fiber is more than 20%. The general blade is not cut continuously or the service life is greatly reduced. The plastic is also easy to be cut during the process. Fragmentation in this case S blade should choose Z knife plastic is recommended to use electric shear

3. Carefully select the body and the blade: According to the workpiece to be cut by the customer, the most suitable body and blade can not be used to achieve the work demand. (In general, it is easy to make the body by increasing the air source. And blade damage) will greatly reduce the blade life will be greatly reduced

4. Use a pressurized body such as HS-35P because it is the same as the blade of the HS-30T body. The pressurized body has a large instantaneous pressure. The blade life is of course reduced. This is the natural reason.

5, the terminal is pressed with the above-mentioned śúČThe same customer with A8WP3 or AR8WP pressing all the terminals, especially the A8WP3 bare terminal clamp to press the terminal insulation terminal caused the terminal plastic surface rupture results are returned. This case is too many cases. Product features do not understand some are to save costs

6. Terminal processing The wire has an absolute relationship with the tensile force. The core wire is easier to fix than the single core wire. Under the same tension, the single core wire is easy to fall off.