Robotic Grippers: 5 Technologies for Robotic Handling

- Mar 07, 2019-

Robotic grippers are an attempt to recreate the ability of the human hand to grasp and handle objects. Until recently industrial robots were using two-finger grippers for less complex tasks; nowadays though, and as robotic handling becoames a norm in the Factory of the Future, a wide range of gripping technologies have been developed, based mostly on two rules:

  • the shape of the gripping surface

  • the force required to grip the object

Below is a list of companies that innovate in the specific area.

  • manual grippers

  • pneumatic grippers

  • hydraulic grippers

  • electric grippers

Apart from these standard types, variations in direction include:

  • parallel grippers

  • concentric grippers

  • rotary grippers

They also come in 2-jaw and 3-jaw variations

The two solutions of Robot System Products are:

  • Smartgrip

  • Parallel gripper

IPR is a manufacturer of peripherals for robotic applications, with a comprehensive range of grippins solutions which include the following:

  • 2-Jaw Parallel Grippers

  • 3-Jaw Parallel Grippers

  • 2-Jaw Angular Grippers

  • 3-Jaw Angular Grippers

  • 2-Jaw Parallel Gripper with Electro-Pneumatic Motor

  • Hybrid Grippers

  • Special Grippers

  • Modular Gripping System

Apart from these off-the-shelf solutions, IPR can also create customized solutions according to customer needs.

Schmalz is a specialist in vacuum technology.

Vacuum components and gripping end-of-arm robot tooling systems are ideal for automated processes as they are individually designed for the application at hand, providing efficiency and reliability.