Sheet metal industry gripper

- Apr 22, 2019-


Sheet metal / automotive industry

Suitable for fast cycle times and high operational reliability requirements

Special vacuum suction cups for high-speed sheet metal handling operations, also for the handling of oil-based metal sheets or consumable parts

Vacuum generator with built-in energy and process control: energy monitoring to optimize energy consumption, condition monitoring to increase overall system availability, and predictive maintenance to enhance gripper system performance to eliminate downtime

Special installation parts to fully meet the requirements of the automotive industry


Flexible and wear resistant

The cup type suction cup has a long stroke and is highly adaptable, making it easy to fit various workpiece contours.

The internal structure of the suction cup has been modified to ensure high holding power and lateral force, especially on oily metal sheets.

The suction cup is made of innovative elastodur material, which has strong abrasion resistance, oil resistance and ozone resistance.

Environmentally-friendly modular design reduces the cost of each component and improves the ability to quickly replace parts individually, 100% recyclable


Fast cycle

The suction stroke is long and the internal volume is optimized. Compared to conventional suction cups, the suction time is shortened.

The vacuum generator nozzle not only achieves higher pumping rates and higher efficiency, but also reduces total pumping time

Quick release of workpieces through our powerful blowing system

The vacuum generator can be mounted directly on the suction cup holder to minimize airflow hysteresis