Soft bag vacuum gripper

- Mar 29, 2019-


The vacuum powder suction device lifts, lowers, rotates, unloads and carries heavy objects, and can also be added to the nose-like combination, which is as easy and simple as a "children's play". Modular systems are almost omnipotent: whether you need to stack boxes, upload buckets to trucks, stack metal sheets or wood, or carry stone or furniture – use Dingdaxin vacuum powder suction The handling of the general meeting is your best handling solution. It is transported faster, more ergonomic and safer with the addition of a nose-like powder. For those who have to carry heavy loads, investing in powdered suction cups is a healthy investment. It eliminates the diseases such as bone and joint strain caused by the heavy load of the workers, and thus improves the motivation and production quality of the employees. Modular modular system The modular modular system makes it almost impossible to customize all the handling tasks, and also makes the lifting unit and the suction cup perfectly matched, making it the best combination of the heavy objects being handled. Working principle The object is extracted by only one kind of power. It does not need other power, such as cranes, robot arms, hydraulic cylinders, etc. to lift the object. The operator only needs to use the control handle to control the amount of vacuum in the system. The more vacuum, the higher the object is lifted, the less the vacuum, the more slowly the object will be lowered. Its maximum lifting speed can reach 70m/min. Safety We also attach great importance to the safety performance of Jumbo. The quick-start one-way safety valve is matched with the large-area vacuum suction cup to ensure that the lifting object will not fall when the power supply fails.