Soft gripper

- Apr 03, 2019-


MGS is a vacuum gripper for the adsorption of profiled surfaces. When the vacuum port absorbs the surface rough or the surface is irregular curved surface and spherical object, the sealing airbag is squeezed and deformed, and the lower edge is closely adhered to the surface of the object. When the deformation is to a certain extent, the elastic silicone support block abuts the object, so the vacuum port is tightly sealed, and the object is stably adsorbed and does not cause a bump.

MGS has novel design, precise structure and large gripping force. For example, objects with rough surface or objects with irregular curved surface and spherical surface do not need to customize the corresponding shape of the suction cup according to the single shaped surface to realize the object of various shaped surfaces. Stable holding, greatly reducing production costs, high overall work stability, strong practicability, wide application range, and great industrial value.

Absorbing surface irregularities.


Absorbing fruits with large curvature and rough surface


Absorbing a toothpaste with uneven surface


Abosorbing a spherical shape and smooth surface ceramic toy