Solenoid valve type indication method

- Oct 27, 2019-

Solenoid valve type indication method

1, valve type representation

Valve type and code: gate valve - Z, stop valve - J, throttle valve - L, ball valve - Q, butterfly valve - D, diaphragm valve - G, plug valve - X, check valve, and bottom valve - H, safety valve —A, pressure reducing valve—Y, trap—S, plunger valve—U.

Note: For low temperature (below -40 ° C), insulation (with heating jacket) and valves with bellows, the code "D", "B", "W" should be added before the type code.

2, transmission mode representation

Transmission mode and code: electromagnetic movement - 0, electromagnetic - hydraulic - 1, electric - hydraulic - 2, worm gear - 3, spur gear - 4, bevel gear - 5, pneumatic - 6, liquid - 7, gas - liquid Movement - 8, electric - 9.

Note: This code is omitted for valves driven by handwheel, handle or wrench, as well as safety valves, pressure reducing valves, and steam traps. For pneumatic or hydraulic: 6K, 7K for normally open; 6B, 7B for normally closed; 6S for manual use of pneumatic belt; 9B for explosion-proof electric motor; 3T for worm-T nut.

3, the connection form representation

Connection form and code: internal thread - 1, external thread - 2, flange - 4, welding - 6, clamp - 7, clamp - 8, ferrule - 9.

Note: Soldering includes butt welding and plug welding.

4, structural form representation

(1) Gate valve structure form representation: open rod wedge type elastic gate - 0, open rod wedge type rigid single gate - 1, bright rod wedge type rigid double gate - 2, open rod parallel rigid single gate - 3, open parallel rigid double gate - 4; dark wedge rigid single gate - 5, dark wedge rigid double gate - 6, dark parallel rigid single gate - 7, dark rod parallel Rigid double gate - 8.

(2) Shut-off valve, throttle valve and plug valve structure form representation: straight-through-1, Z-shaped straight-through-2, 3-3, angle-4, DC (Y-shaped)-5, balanced straight-through —6, balance angle—7.

(3) Ball valve structure form representation: floating valve straight-through-1, floating valve three-way Y-shaped-2, floating valve three-way L-shaped-4, floating valve three-way T-shaped-5, fixed ball cross Equation-6, fixed ball straight-through--7, fixed ball three-way T-shaped-8, fixed ball three-way L-shaped-9, fixed ball hemisphere straight through-0.

(4) Butterfly valve structure form representation: lever type - 0, vertical - 1, swash plate type - 3.

(5) Diaphragm valve structural form representation: ridge type-1, cut-off type-3, DC plate type-5, straight-through type-6, ram type-7, angle type Y--8, angle type T--9.

(6) Plug valve structure form representation: packing seal L-shaped-2, packing seal straight-through-3, packing seal T-shaped tee-4, packing seal four-way-5, oil seal seal L-shaped-6, oil seal sealed straight- 7, oil seal seal T-shaped tee - 8, static with straight through -9, static with T-shaped tee -0.

(7) Check valve and bottom valve structure form representation: lifting straight-through-1, lifting vertical type-2, lifting angle type-3, swinging single-petal type-4, swinging multi-petal type-5, swinging Double-petal type-6, rotary butterfly check-type -7, cut-off type -8.

(8) Safety valve structure form representation: spring type - closed - with heat sink full open type - 0, spring type - closed - micro open type - 1, spring type - closed - full open type - 2, spring type - closed -With wrench full open -4;Spring type -Do not close -With wrench double spring micro-open type -3,Spring type -Do not close -With wrench hand micro-type -7,Spring type -Do not close -With wrench Full-open type-8, spring type-unclosed belt control mechanism full-open type-6, pulse type-9, lever type-5.

(9) Relief valve structure form representation: film type-1, spring film type-2, piston type-3, bellows type-4, lever type-5.

(10) Hydrofoil structure form representation: float type-1, shape float type-5, bimetal type-7, pulse type-8, thermodynamic type-9.

5, valve seat sealing surface or lining material representation

Copper alloy—T, alloy steel—H, nitriding steel—D, boronized steel—P, Pap (or alloy)—B, hard alloy—Y, rubber—X, nylon plastic—N, fluoroplastic—F, Lining-J, lining lead-Q, enamel-C, hard rubber*-J, polytetrafluoroethylene*-SA, polychlorotrifluoroethylene*-SB, polyvinyl chloride*-SC, phenolic plastic*-SD, Lining plastic * - CS.

Note: 1. The code with the * mark is the material code used in the past.

2. The valve seat sealing surface material code directly processed by the valve body is indicated by “W”.

3. When the valve seat and the valve flap (gate) are different in sealing material, use low-hardness material code (except diaphragm valve).

6, nominal pressure representation

The nominal pressure is expressed directly by the pressure value (kilogram force/cm2) (1 kgf/cm2 ≈ 0.1 MPa) and separated from the first five units by a dash.

7, valve body material representation

Gray cast iron—Z, malleable cast iron—K, ductile iron—Q, copper alloy—T, carbon steel—C, chrome-molybdenum heat-resistant steel—I, chrome-nickel-titanium acid-resistant steel—P, chrome-nickel-molybdenum-titanium acid-resistant steel—R, Chrome molybdenum vanadium alloy steel—Y, high silicon cast iron*—G, aluminum alloy*—L, lead alloy*—B.

Note: The material code with the * mark is the material code used in the past. For gray cast iron valve bodies with Pg ≤ 1.6 MPa and carbon steel valve bodies with Pg ≥ 2.5 MPa, this unit is omitted.

Solenoid valve type indication method

Solenoid valve model example

J11T-16K: It means stop valve, internal thread connection, straight-through type, copper alloy sealing surface, nominal pressure is 1.6MPa, and the valve body material is malleable cast iron.

J41T-16: indicates the globe valve, flange connection, straight-through, copper alloy sealing surface, nominal pressure is 1.6MPa, and the valve body material is gray cast iron.

Z45T-10: indicates gate valve, flange connection, dark rod, wedge type single gate, copper alloy sealing surface, nominal pressure is 1.6MPa, and the valve body material is gray cast iron.

Solenoid valve type indication method

The meaning of the solenoid valve model

A solenoid valve model is divided into 4 segments, which respectively represent different meanings. Many people can't distinguish them, so let's teach you to distinguish them.

First of all, a solenoid valve model is usually divided into 4 segments, the first segment usually starts with DCF, which is the first letter of the solenoid valve pinyin. This usually distinguishes the manufacturer's number.

Solenoid valve type indication method

Second, the second segment represents the style of the solenoid valve. As shown below: from left to right, the letter "T" of the letter "T" of the letter of the letter "Y" is the external valve valve of the letter "ZM" of the right angle valve letter "Z"

Furthermore, the third paragraph represents its caliber, as shown in the figure: from left to right is generally divided into 20 6-point valves 25 1 inch valve 40 1.5-inch valve 50 2 inch valve 62 2.5-inch valve 76 and 80 3-inch valve with 3-inch valve 102

Finally, in the fourth paragraph, the letter "S" after the number represents a double diaphragm. The absence of a letter after the number indicates that it is a single diaphragm.

Another: its model with the "FB" mark, which means it is an explosion-proof solenoid valve. As shown in the figure: the valve has an explosion-proof coil. Can be distinguished intuitively.