The development of vacuum switches

- Feb 21, 2019-

In 1958, a joint research and development team of the factory was established by the Electrical Education Department of Xi'an Jiaotong University and the Xi'an High-voltage Switching Rectifier Factory. The research was carried out by the associate professor Wang Jimei and the chief engineer of Tong Yongchao. After the establishment of the group, the first vacuum interrupter in China was successfully developed in less than half a year, and the current breaking test of 50Hz, 4kV and 5kA was passed on the synthetic circuit of the electrical laboratory of Xi'an Jiaotong University.

Since then, Xi'an High Voltage Apparatus Research Institute has successfully developed a single-phase vacuum switch with a voltage of 6.7kV and 500A in 1960. Xi'an Jiaotong University successfully developed a three-phase vacuum switch of 10kV and 1500A in 1964. When the same year, this three-phase vacuum switch When exhibited at the National Higher Education Exhibition in Beijing, it was highly praised by experts from all over the country and attracted great interest from switch manufacturers in various provinces and cities. It is the starting point for promoting the production and development of vacuum switches in China.

On September 5, 1968, the national key national defense project (6895 project) was implemented at Huaguang Electronic Tube Factory. In the same year, China's first commercial vacuum interrupter was born. Since then, Huaguang Electronic Tube Factory has become the first domestic vacuum interrupter. enterprise.

Since then, due to the influence of the "Cultural Revolution", China's work on vacuum arc theory research and vacuum switch development has temporarily stopped, and it has not resumed until 1976. At that time, the main units engaged in vacuum arc theory research in China were Xi'an Jiaotong University, Xi'an High-voltage Electrical Apparatus Research Institute and Shanghai Electric Apparatus Research Institute. After 1978, more than 10 factories in China officially put into production of vacuum switches. The vacuum interrupters required were mainly produced by Baoguang Optoelectronics General Factory and Huaguang Electronic Tube Factory.

In 1984, Xi'an High Voltage Electric Apparatus Research Institute, Guilin Electric Apparatus Research Institute, Baoguang Optoelectronics General Factory and Beijing Switch Factory jointly introduced the complete manufacturing technology of 3AF series vacuum circuit breakers of German Siemens (including CuCr contact materials, vacuum). Three parts of the arc extinguishing chamber and vacuum circuit breaker). In 1986, Huaguang Electronic Tube Factory introduced the manufacturing technology (including CuCr contact material) of the complete vacuum interrupter of Westinghouse. These two introductions have greatly improved the manufacturing and design level of China's vacuum switch industry, and laid the technical foundation for the development and prosperity of China's vacuum switch industry.

In 1992, the two departments (that is, the Ministry of Machinery and Electronics Industry and the Ministry of Energy) held a "Tianjin Conference" on the widespread application and application of vacuum switches in the power system. Since then, China's vacuum switches have entered a period of rapid development, and there have been various China's independent development, technical indicators reached the foreign advanced level of vacuum circuit breakers, its representative products are ZN23, ZN28 and ZN63A. At this stage, China has been able to produce vacuum circuit breakers with a rated voltage of 35kV and a breaking capacity of 31.5kA and 10kV, 50kA and 63kA. By 2003, China has developed 72.5kV, 110kV/31.5kA and 18kV/80kA single-break vacuum circuit breakers. The whole industry has an annual output of more than 200,000 vacuum switches. The world's vacuum switch manufacturers have the most production and sales. The largest and most diverse series, it has become a truly "vacuum switch kingdom".