Three-position three-way solenoid valve troubleshooting method

- Oct 05, 2019-

The solenoid valve after power-on does not work

1. The power supply is poorly connected or the power cord is not properly connected to the positive and negative position.

2. Check whether the coil is unsold or shorted by checking and measuring the multimeter.

3. Look for something stuck between the main spool and the magnetic core.

4. The liquid is too viscous, the number of uses is too high or the temperature of the medium is too high.

Cannot close the solenoid valve

1. The seal inside the valve body is smooth.

2. The viscosity of the medium is too thick or the spring is deformed.

3. The main spool and the magnetic core are jammed by the medium.

4. The orifice is blocked by impurities and cannot flow.

Other failure

1. The internal medium leaks, possibly because the internal closure is broken.

2, the external medium leaks, the possible reason is that the nut is too loose, the external closure is smooth.

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