Type of flat suction cup

- Jul 31, 2019-

There are many types of vacuum suction cups. Common vacuum chucks include elliptical suction cups, corrugated suction cups, flat suction cups, and special suction cups. The performance characteristics of various suction cups will be described in detail below.

1) Elliptical suction cup performance: using absorbable surface; suitable for long convex workpieces; hardness-enhanced vacuum suction cups; small size, large suction; flat, corrugated suction cups; various suction cup materials; embedded structure with high grip Force (disc). Type sucker). Typical applications for elliptical chucks: handling narrow, long and small gripping surfaces such as fittings, geometric workpieces, wood strips, window frames, cartons, foil/thermoplastic packaging products.

2) Characteristics of corrugated suction cup: 1.5 times, 2.5 times, 3.5 times; good adaptability to uneven surface; lifting effect when grasping workpiece; compensation of different height; soft grip of damaged workpiece; soft bottom ripple The handle has a high hardness and upper corrugated. Suction cup; soft, adaptable tapered sealing lip; bottom support has a variety of suction cup materials. Typical applications for corrugated suction cups: handling of dish-shaped irregularities such as automotive panels, cartons, plastic parts, aluminum foil/thermoplastic packaging products, and electronic components.

3) The performance of the flat suction cup: high positioning accuracy; compact design, small internal volume, can shorten the gripping time; achieve high lateral force; on the surface of the flat workpiece, the wide sealing lip has sealing characteristics; the workpiece is grabbed and the stability is good; Large diameter suction cup. Can achieve high suction (such as structural suction cup); bottom support; large effective suction cup diameter; suction cup material variety. Typical applications for variable frequency chucks are: moving flat or slightly rough surface plates such as metal, carton, glass, plastic and wood.

4) Special oil extractor: it is as common as ordinary oil skimmer; the material and shape of the oil extractor are special, so that it can be applied to specific application fields/enterprise; the typical application field of special oil extractor: special performance of workpiece processing. Such as fragile, porous, easily deformable surface structure.