Use Skills of Precision Pressure Regulating Valve

- Aug 18, 2019-

There are two kinds of vacuum generating devices: vacuum pump and vacuum generator. Vacuum produced by vacuum pump is complex in structure, large in volume, heavy in weight, inconvenient in installation and high in maintenance cost. At the same time, when the power is suddenly cut off or the vacuum pump is abnormal, it is easy to cause the vacuum suction to disappear, resulting in greater labor consumption of the product; while vacuum is formed by negative pressure generated by the positive pressure airflow of the vacuum generator itself. Principle, as long as the gas source is not cut off, the vacuum will not disappear. It can ensure that the product will not fall due to the disappearance of the vacuum when abnormal shutdown, thus greatly reducing labor consumption and ensuring the normal operation of production.

Working Principle of Vacuum Generator


The structure diagram of the vacuum generator is shown in Figure 2. When the supply port is connected with positive pressure, the exhaust port is connected with muffler, and the vacuum port is connected with vacuum suction cup, the compressed air flows from the supply port P of the vacuum generator to the exhaust port R, the vacuum is generated at the vacuum port U. The suction process stops when P uncompressed air is input into the air supply port.

Application of Vacuum Generator in Glass Cone Production


The vacuum air circuit is easy to realize because each working station of the grinder rotates periodically, and the air circuit is supplied by rotating joint, while the electromagnetic control is not easy to realize.

At the same time, because the production rhythm is faster, the vacuum needs to disappear immediately when the vacuum is not needed, and the cone quickly leaves the sucker. Therefore, the vacuum release device is also used in the design to meet the above production requirements.