Vacuum generating unit - vacuum generating device for droplet separation, adapting CNC machining center vacuum clamping system

- Jun 20, 2019-



The vacuum generation unit is equipped with a oil-lubricated vacuum pump and a liquid separator that can also be used as a vacuum energy storage tank. Various system monitoring components and operation interfaces are integrated in the CNC machining center control system to ensure safe operation.


The oil-lubricated vacuum pump has four different suction forces and integrates a liquid/vacuum energy storage tank

Audible visual system monitoring

Automatic energy saving

Audible visual level control

Warning level/vacuum level without interference signal

With two or four wheels

Emergency stop function


System separates inhaled liquid or debris

Always understand the instantaneous vacuum

Generate vacuum only when needed, reducing costs with less energy

Warning level is displayed as early as possible

Vacuum generation unit and device control are easily synchronized to ensure maximum safety

The vacuum generation unit is designed for mobility and can be operated in different locations and equipment

Additional emergency function to prevent damage to the vacuum pump


Structure and Function:


Visual security function

Monitoring vacuum

Monitoring oil level

Monitoring water level

Technicial Paremeters:



Structure Paremeters: